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How do you find the 'Best' tools

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  • How do you find the 'Best' tools

    I was looking for the Annual 2008 Tool guide from,
    And was wondering if anybody knows a better guide or review or way to look at to compare Power tools, I would like to know. I had last years guide, It was very informative on many dif tools. But I really want a guide or review mag E-Book to help me make some decisions when planning my next power tools.
    I am fairly new to buying my own power tools. I am used to using whatever is on the Commercial Construction sites. And I always saw Bocsh, Makita Cordless power tools. So Now that it is my turn to make some more purchases I need some advice on the 'Best' Power tools I can get. I don't have alot of money as I am a Appt Electrician with two little kids. So I need to make the right purchase the first time. I know I could stay with Ridgid for the LSA, But honesty, Some other Brands make very comparative tools if not better but their Warranties are not very long. 1 Year on Batts
    So what does a new to the Power tool Arena guy do
    I really need some help with this guys! I am just starting out in my new career and can't afford to waste money on stuff that is not as good as the 'best' stuff.
    Any Suggestions will be very appreciated.

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    Re: How do you find the 'Best' tools

    From my little experience in what little time I have used tools, here's what little I have found.

    Klein Tools and Channel Lock are great hand tools, especially in the electrical trade.

    I have Milwaukee V28 power tools and Ridgid 18 Volt power tools and enjoy both. Both are WAY too much for how little I use them, but I have found in the past that more power is better than not enough.

    I hear good things about Bosch and Hilti.

    Husqvarna makes awesome chainsaws, I have the basic entry model. Took down 50 trees this fall with it. Worked fine, but a higher horespower/bigger model would have been more pleasurable.

    Hence, buy the best and most powerful tools you can afford, regardless of how often you use them. Lithium-based batteries especially if, like me, you're leaving the batteries inactive for months at a time.

    That's all I got for now. Some may agree or diagree.........
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      Re: How do you find the 'Best' tools

      I have had opportunity to use a number of different brands, including dewalt, ridgid, makita, bosch and milwaukee. You will probably get alot of different opinions as to which are best, but from my experiences they all make very good and very comparable tools. I'm sure you would be pleased with any of them. I currently have both dewalt and ridgid. I liked the dewalt alot, they're really good tools, but the batteries were so expensive to replace that I found it was just as cheap to buy a new set of tools. That was the biggest reason I tried ridgid. Their lifetime service agreement is a hard to beat.


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        Re: How do you find the 'Best' tools

        Being you're into electrical work, I can highly recommend that you pickup a Milwaukee 3107-6 1/2" right angle drill kit. If you're an eBay member you can find good deals on brand new ones or on factory reconditioned. I like that the right angle head can be removed and switched end for end so you have either a higher speed for small size bits in soft wood or lower speed with torque for larger holes and especially if you have to ever drill oak. In addition with the head off you can install the chuck on the spindle and have a nice straight D handle drill. This model features variable speed with reversing and a removable Quik-Lok power cord. The kit comes with tools to remove and install the right angle head and also a double wall molded plastic case. The drill itself is model 1107-1 on the name plate.

        Sometimes you can find a nice deal on one at a Pawn shop but be sure to carefully check it over and be sure it is in MINT condition. If not, pass it by. On eBay I would only buy either a brand new one or a factory (not dealer) reconditioned one that's very close to new. On the other hand if you can get one dirt cheap in working condition it might make a good starter until you can later go for new.

        Klein is a good hand tool company for electrician's tools. Channellock makes quality hand tools too. It really depends on the exact type of tool you're looking for as to which company to look into. Wiha from Germany has great screwdrivers and bits. They make very nice tiny screwdrivers for electronics techs too.
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          Re: How do you find the 'Best' tools

          amazon...if 25 people give a product an average of 5 stars, it's hard for 25 people who use these kind of tools to be wrong...

          just use your good judgement...

          i've been hooked on ridgid just this past year cus i started working at a placed 30 mins away from home and they got a HD complaint so far...quality is nearly as if not as good as the big dogs (makita, bosch, dewalt, milwaukee) but priced slightly lower and has the LTSA


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            Re: How do you find the 'Best' tools

            I must say, being an electrician for quite a few years now, I've in no doubt used a right angle drill in several years.... a Hole Hawg has become more the regular drilling tool for electricians. Klein for handtools is a good choice, however if you're like a lot of electricians, and I've worked with a lot, I wouldn't only recommend them for everything... ever get on a jobsite and lose something? those little kleins aren't cheap. I won't use them for screwdrivers even though they are nice, My screwdrivers often act as chisels and prybars, not a good trait for a 15$ screwdriver to act as when it's tip bends as easy as others. Pliers on the other hand are Kleins with the crimp in the handle end. Of course if you cut through a live wire, they're now an expensive set of wire stripper/pliers that take a lot of work to cut through wire now. Always having the best of everything isn't always the best unless you have unlimited funds


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              Re: How do you find the 'Best' tools

              Thanks for the tips People, I have been Getting more and more 'Greenlee' Tools. Very nice Stuff
              Very nice Screw Drivers and Their Gloves Rival the 'Mechanix' Brand but are cheaper and a bit stronger.
              I think as people say it is really about what feels good in your hands too. I also agree that losing a pair of Kleins or Greenlee tools on the job would really suck having to shell out another $50-60 Bucks for a pair of Snips or Linesmen's
              What are your tips on a Cordless Circular saw? I am thinking of just Picking up the Ridgid 24 Volt Li Version when I can find one on sale. Could use a nice Impact tools.
              Does the 14.4 Volt Compact Driver work with a 24 Volt Li Batt? Or is there a new Version coming? That Very tiny Bosch or Makita looks very temping. Just not liking that 1 year Batt Warranty. Specially since they are only 1.5 AH, I think? On a hard day, Prolly would need to keep them on the charger.
              Thanx again Everybody.


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                Re: How do you find the 'Best' tools

                The black and white compact Makita impact is a great tool. HD has a kit with that and the compact drill for $269.00. I use the ridgid max select circ saw and it works wonderful. If you need a corded version you need the fuego. That is the best saw I have ever used.
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