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Hilti, Ryobi, Ridgid ????????

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  • Hilti, Ryobi, Ridgid ????????

    Been looking at cordless and some corded tools....since DeWalt batteries are on deaths door.... most likely will just buy 2 batteries for the 18v xrp since tools are in OK shape....but been looking at some other combo kits...thinking hammer drill and sawzall is the main thing I need...... looking at all my options.

    How is the 18v Ridgid tools over all? Power? Battery life during use? I mainly need the Hammer drill and Sawzall ....I have several corded circular saws that seem to just ride the truck...just don't use them much.Since i have 2 18v Max/HC batteries with my drill a Ridgid kit would mean Id have 4 batteries with life time warrenty....

    Hilti tools.checked out some Hilti prices OMG!!!!!!!!!! WOW sticker shock is an understatement...Home Depot has one Hammer drill that even comes with GPS to admit for the price I would hunt down one of them if I lost it.....

    But part of me thinking they must be some serious sweet tools to be able to charge that much...or to need GPS tracking.....anyone use this brand?? what do u all think of Hilti tools...more the low end hammer drills...sawzall ...not the breaker hammers.....what do u all think of Hilti worth the $$$$ or over priced??

    Ryobi Lit Ion....Home Depot seems to be pushing these kits hammer drill in the kit....seems silly to me....any way....has anyone tried out the Ryobi Lit Ion tools? Know anyone who has? How are they for power? running time???? stuff like that?

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    Re: Hilti, Ryobi, Ridgid ????????

    I've got a Hiliti sds drive thats about 20 years old now.Did a 3 year job on a place that was all concrete so theres no way I could guess how many bits have been used up with it...umm maybe this is purely a guess too 70-100 bits in the 1/4 to 1/2'' range maybe more too.Only things ever done to it is a couple cleanups regrease etc type thing an think its on its 4th cord cap.For me Hiliti always ruled in concrete drilling.I always felt their bits were best too.