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What happened to Josh's statement?

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  • What happened to Josh's statement?

    I see that all the threads and posts containing Josh's statement quoting a Ridgid source that "it is safe to charge the 18 volt lithium ion batteries on any Ridgid 18 volt charger" have been taken down. Since no statement has replaced that one, I and the rest of us are left to wonder what this action implies. As an employer who has people using some 40 Ridgid cordless tools and a tremendous number of batteries of all voltages and composition, I plan to continue using the same procedure we have used in the past. We will only charge Ridgid 18 volt batteries on Ridgid chargers which specificaly list that batteries model number on its data plate.
    I strongly suggest that Ridigid do the responsible thing and get a statement up on this forum immediately clarifying this important safety issue. This morning I wrote an email to Ridgid(below) asking for clarification.

    Ridgid Technical Support
    In the last couple of weeks there has been a tremendous amount of discussion on the Ridgid forum reguarding what battery chargers can be used to safely charge the 18 volt lithium ion batteries. I had been under the impression that only chargers which listed the model number of the 18 volt lithium ion batteries were appropriate for charging them.
    Yesterday I received a big surprise when, Josh, who moderates the forum put up a statement saying "that the electronics in the 18 volt battery was designed in such a way as to make it safe for charging them on all Ridgid 18 volt chargers". He claimed the statement came from Ridgid. I had previously seen a copy of an email from Tom at this address stating that "lithium ion batteries could only be safely charged on chargers specificly designed for them and the older 18 volt chargers designed for 18 volt NiCad batteries could not be safely used to charge 18 volt lithium ion batteries".
    I see this morning that all of the threads containing the post's that Josh put up on the forum with the above referenced statement have been deleted. I'm assuming this is because his statement is incorrect, however the problem is, many people have already seen the statement with it's possibly dangerously misleading information. On a personal level, we own a fairly large number of Ridgid cordless tools and would greatly appreciate the correct information regarding this important safety issue.
    I would appreciate a response to this email from a manager in technical services so that I feel safe with the answer. I know that Ridgid shares my concern for providing the correct information to my employees so they can operate Ridgid battery chargers in a safe manner.
    Thank you for your early response for clarification of this important safety issue
    Ray Spafford

    None of this is intended to denegrate or embarass Josh. I believe the quote he put up is a statement he received from someone at Ridgid. I am dissipointed that he or ProMan or someone haven't clarified the issue. This is an important safety issue and now needs resolution from someone of authority from Ridgid so we can all feel safe when charging 18 volt litium ion batteries...Ray

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    Re: What happened to Josh's statement?

    Ray, I merged all 6 threads into one. I was sick of having to reply to 6 different threads about one topic... now we have another one Please refer back to this thread...

    (closing this thread.. not because I am trying to hide it but because I am trying to keep it all in the thread linked above) Please post to the thread above and quit opening new threads.

    Heres theres the statement again so you see I'm not trying to bury it.

    "All Ridgid 18-Volt Lithium Ion batteries have been designed with redundant safety features that protect the battery during charging. As such, all Ridgid 18-Volt Lithium Ion Batteries may be safely charged on any existing Ridgid battery charger. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Ridgid Customer Service at 1-800-4-RIDGID."

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