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Planer problems

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  • Planer problems

    I have a Ridgid model TP-13002 planer. Have had this planer about
    8 years now without any problems. Noticed recently that the boards
    coming off the planer are varied in thickness. Also, notice boards do
    not follow through the planer properly. I have a sneaking feeling that the
    problem is in the infeed and outfeed rollers. Has anyone else had this
    issue? Could the problem be the springs which hold the rollers and bearing
    in place? Hate to spend good money on repair parts if the problem is
    something else.


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    Re: Planer problems

    I agree with you and think that the rollers is the first place you should check out. When was the last time you cleaned them?

    One other thing you might want to do is strip the planer bed and tables and reapply a fresh coat or two of Johnson's Paste Wax.
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