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RIDGID 10 in. mitersaw problem

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  • RIDGID 10 in. mitersaw problem

    I have 10 in miter saw when i make miter cuts at the bottom of the base trim it starts to tail away . what would cause this ?

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    Re: RIDGID 10 in. mitersaw problem

    Loose or bent blade

    Wobbly arbor

    90 degree bevel/table adjustment (is there an adjustment on the saw for it?)

    Try this: take a 2x4 and stand it up (4" high). Make a 90 degree cut. Take the right side of the cut and flip it over again (4" high, but opposite the way it was). Push it back up against the other cut piece. You should see no gap. If there is a gap, 90 isnt true 90 (pretty sure you'll see this, judging from your "tailing away" description).

    On my Bosch saw there are ways to adjust the 90, guessing the Ridgid might have one too.



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      Re: RIDGID 10 in. mitersaw problem

      This thread may give you a little insight to what your problem is.
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        Re: RIDGID 10 in. mitersaw problem

        This happened to me too with my new Hitachi 10" slider.I still don't know what caused it but what I did was to lay the trim flat to cut it and the problem went away. Try it, just have to make a compound miter cut,but it works. Always lay trim work flat on a miter vsaw.