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Rapid Max Charger question

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  • Rapid Max Charger question

    I just bought a 9.6 volt Ridgid Pivot Screwdriver. I plugged in the charger and put in the battery, but I do not hear the fan running in the charger. I also do not feel air movement over the battery.

    On my other Rapid Max chargers, I can hear the fan when the batteries charging and I can feel the air movement.

    Is this new charger defective?


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    Re: Rapid Max Charger question

    Welcome to the forum!

    I have three or four of the single bay chargers and I don't recall hearing a fan on any of them. It is my understanding that only the double bay chargers require the fan.



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      Re: Rapid Max Charger question

      Thanks for answering my question!

      All of my other chargers are double bay, so maybe that accounts for the difference.


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        Re: Rapid Max Charger question

        I've had that same screwdriver for 3 years or so now. The charger kind of surprised me in that it doesn't have a fan. It's been working like a champ, however. I use that screwdriver every day, and there's always a battery in the charger. I probably shouldn't "store" the extra battery there....but I forget and it stays in the charger. So far, absolutely no bad effects on the batteries or the charger.
        I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.