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LED Upgrade For Worklight?

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  • LED Upgrade For Worklight?

    I just wrote to "" and once again requested their efforts to market a single LED bulb upgrade for our worklights. I noticed on the "" site that there is a upgrade available for the 4 to 6 D cell Maglites which might be adaptable to our needs. According to the specs for this product the TLE-300, it is rated at 600 lumens which is extremely bright and up to 24 volts DC. Lower voltages will work fine but it is the higher voltage that caught my attention. This product is not cheap at $94.00 and it was out of stock, but imagine never having to buy another bulb and get longer run time and brighter light to boot? I asked the folks at Terra Lux to please consider marketing this product so it fits our workight bulb receptacle.

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    Re: LED Upgrade For Worklight?

    Give it more time. There are some wild things in the works regarding LED lighting products. If the demand is there some company will wake up and make just what's needed. A lot of why such aren't out now has to do with the startup cost to produce a new product. The demand must be there to sell loads of them or the company takes a major loss.

    I wonder how much (retail selling price) people would be willing to pay.

    By the way the MagLite LED upgrades will only fit special sockets in MagLight flashlights. They are not the standard PR base. The socket in a MagLite helps act as a cooling sink and without it the LED would overheat and fail soon after being powered.