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Drill Press: Question before Purchase

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  • Drill Press: Question before Purchase

    I do not currently own a drill press, nor have I ever. I will be needing one for some repetitive, light metal work (brass, bronze, copper, SS).

    My Question is: How important would you say it is to have a "Laser Guide" feature on the drill press?

    Also, would you say that a Radial Drill Press is "too much club" for someone like me?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Drill Press: Question before Purchase

    It's basically a matter of what you do or don't want. For myself, a laser guide on a drill press would not be very important at all and something I could, and do, live without. Pretty much the same answer for the Radial DP. YMMV.
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      Re: Drill Press: Question before Purchase

      For repetitive work, what's going to be important is the jig you build to ensure the ease of duplication. In other words, a fence to make the back and forth (width) the same on each plunge, and a registration system that will make the side to side even. A lazer is a nifty thing to have, but I've not used one on a DP. There are several after-market lazer add-ons, but I find that careful work to line up the first plunge on a repetitive operation is easy enough and as accurate as needs be. The new DP's coming out have lots of nifty options, including lazers and digital speed readouts and lights and such. Handy things to have, but IMO they aren't necessary. I have a chart near the DP that tells me the speed requirements of different bits in different materials, and I just adjust the belts to match. I don't need a digital readout to tell me I have the right speed! Although, I think there's now a DP out there that lets you dial in the speed a bit without having to change belts. Now that would be handy.
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