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Ridgid 300 motor part ?

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  • Ridgid 300 motor part ?

    Hey guys, what a great site I have found.

    I have a question about my Ridgid 300. The motor was sparking out of the lower brush area when we were cutting and threading pipe. So I looked through one of the air vent holes on the back of the motor and the power lead wire has a ring on the end of it. That ring was not connected around the brush housing, it was broken. I disassembled the vise and took the motor off and apart so I could see what to do. I pulled out the armature to get down to where the wire and brushes are. The ring which goes around the brush housing was broken and the set screw that holds the ring toegther was gone .
    So my question is if anyone knows if I can get a replacement part and what I would call that part. I have looked in the motor breakdown on , but it does not show a specific reference to that part if I looked correctly.It shows an upper and lower lead wires. It looks like I could just solder a new ring on and be back up and running again.I hope.

    Sorry such a long post, but I am looking for advice and anyone who knows what I am talking about. Thanks for your help, I love the website, its right up my alley.

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    Re: Ridgid 300 motor part ?

    I recommend ordering the following parts just in case you need them too. The two bold items should be the rings and lead wires that you need bad.

    1) 86680 White Upper Lead
    1) 86685 Red Lower lead
    2) 44540 Brush Assembly Set

    2) 44545 Brush Cap Set
    2) 39770 Set Screw

    If you go here ( ) and then click on the parts list icon work down to page 4 and you'll see this stuff there.
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