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  • Dust collection question

    I have a small garage shop and need to do something about the sawdust problem. I need a good shopvac, but cannot really afford both a shopvac and a separate dust collection tool, thus must choose. The shopvac is obviously more versatil and probably should be my first choice. My question is, can the shopvac be clamped onto the power tool outlets and used as a dust collector? If so, does anyone have a recommendation for a top notch shopvac that can perform both functions?

    Thank you

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    Re: Dust collection question

    i use a large craftsman shop vac and a 2.5" dust collection system like the one Ridgid sells @ HD. not ideal, but marginally functional. no substitue for a good dust collection system. also, sears sells an item that receives the power tool and two accessories, one of which is usually a shop vac/dust collector. the item is then plugged into a 110volt outlet. when the tool is activated, the accessories are automatically activated. great way to make sure you don't forget to turn on the vac when using the tool.
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      Re: Dust collection question

      A large sized shop vac will work adequately with a router table and a table saw. They on the other hand do a very poor job with planers and jointers. Have you considered going the dust collector route for most of your power tools and a small inexpensive shop vac for your sanders and those small cleanup jobs? A small 5 or 6 gallon vac will only cost you $35-$40.
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