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24volt XLi 3PC Kit Battery Issue

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    Re: 24volt XLi 3PC Kit Battery Issue

    Originally posted by roadrashray View Post
    I used mine on the job last summer and had no issues with heat. Had the 24 volt stuff all summer and the 18V LI after July which included some high ninety's days. Just a guess, however it would seem that since the better NiCad charger had a cooling fan and none of the LI chargers have them, Ridgid engineering wasn't anticipating any heat problems.

    That was my guess too. As the newer chargers have no fans and the batteries have no air access channels like on the NiCads, I made the assumption that heat wasn't the problem as on the NiCads. I've pushed my drill until it's gotten pretty hot, but the battery was relatively cool and readily took a charge when put on the charger. Thanks for the info.