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Stor N' Go Vac: adapter for 1-7/8 hose?

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  • Stor N' Go Vac: adapter for 1-7/8 hose?

    Just curious if there's an adapter out there to make the 1-7/8 hose fit standard attachments? I've had the vac for over a year and it's been great, but having the ability to hook up to standard hoses/fittings would open up a whole new set of possibilities.

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    Re: Stor N' Go Vac: adapter for 1-7/8 hose?

    Please measure the actual inside diameter of the inlet on your vac. If it's close to 2-1/4" right at the mouth, then you should be able to use a hose kit with either the 2-1/2" (called but not really) large hose and attachments or a hose kit with 1-1/4" hose and attachments. Both sizes are more standard for drum style vacs. If you want something handy, this kit from the ShopVac web site is handy and the price is not bad. It has several hose connectors as well that come with it. The hose connectors can be pulled out of the end of the hose and switched as necessary. It takes a little doing but is pretty easy. You might also check at SEARS as they normally have a much better selection of shop vac accessories than does Home Depot.

    You might also like this kit for picking up wood chips and other larger items.
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