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R4330 Planer Dust Collection

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  • R4330 Planer Dust Collection

    I have the R4330 and am very pleased with the operation of it,,,, other than the dust collection. Since this is my first planer I'm unsure of what is acceptable but, what I've got is not.
    I'll admit my dust collection system is small and not the best but it collects all the dust from my table saw, router table, and jointer. So, I figured it would get at least 70%-80% from the planer. It gets maybe 35%. The rest gets blown out the front of the machine and would quickly cover my bench if I wasn't standing right there where I need to be. So, until I learn of a better solution, I'll just vaccuum myself off after my shop time.
    Am I missing something??? or is this the nature of the beast.?
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    Re: R4330 Planer Dust Collection

    Am I correct to assume that your dust collection system is a shop vac? If so, you should look into a real dust collector as the difference is the amount of air moved over a shop vac is considerable. If a shop vac is what you're using than yes it would be sufficient for a table saw and router but I'm surprised to hear that it would do a good job with your jointer, that is unless you're only edge jointing a short board or two at a time.
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      Re: R4330 Planer Dust Collection

      Yes, I'm using a shop vac system with a separator. But I didn't think the amount of dust/chips from a planer should be any greater than what comes off the jointer while face jointing the same board.
      I only take 1/32"+ jointing, and the same when planing?
      After face jointing 3-5 to 5 1/2" X 38" red oak boards, my separator was nearly full. After planing those same boards, there was about 2 - 5 gal buckets of chips/dust on the floor and about 1 1/2 gallon cans full in the separator. ( And maybe another gallon or so in my pockets and embedded in my jeans )
      Will a genuine dust collector make that much difference??
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        Re: R4330 Planer Dust Collection

        I have the same planer with a 1hp portable dust collector and using 4" hose. I still get chips blown out the front of the machine I would be interested to hear if anyone has a more powerful unit hooked up to the R4330 and how it performs.
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          Re: R4330 Planer Dust Collection

          Well, I followed BadgerDave's advice. I bought a Delta AP400 on closeout at Lowe's and it is great!!
          I can only imagine what a more powerfull collector would do since I now have virtually no dust/chips anywhere in my shop.
          (Except when working with MDF )
          The collection for the R4330 works perfectly, as does the planer.
          Thanks for leading me in the right direction BadgerDave.
          Do like you always do,,,,,,Get what you always get!!