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OF45150 compressor piston and cylinder

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  • OF45150 compressor piston and cylinder

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a new piston, cylinder, and gasket set for an OF45150 oil-free compressor? I looked online at but it says that the parts are not available online. Would like to fix the problem myself as opposed to paying someone else to do it for me. I purchased the compressor for $20 on craigslist because the seller said it will not build up pressure. I soaped all of the joints and connections and found no leaks. The cylinder had a not-so-smooth sound to it so I removed the cylinder head to find that the piston gasket had failed and the piston head had ruined the walls of the cylinder. I am not a cheap bastard, I just like to fix things myself and have the mechanical knowledge to do it. I live in the Boston area.

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    Re: OF45150 compressor piston and cylinder

    Well, I also purchased($100 ) same model from used tools store but I was not aware of the problem.Compressor reaches only 60 psi .Is that sign that piston and cylinder are gone or it could be something else ?
    The compressor sounds fine to me( no noise ), there is no leaks etc.
    Any ideas?


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      Re: OF45150 compressor piston and cylinder

      If you call the 18004RIDGID phone number (number in the manual), they have access to the parts.