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Anyone own a OF45150 air compressor?

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  • Anyone own a OF45150 air compressor?

    If any of you own a Ridgid model OF45150 air compressor another member needs the specs for the motor capacitors. These are shown in the pictures but they are not listed in the owner's manual as replacement parts. They just have the whole motor as a part. If you don't mind too much, please see if you can remove the capacitor cans and look at the capacitors in your's and then post the info on them. Please do use care not to mess up any wiring or insulators.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    The member that needs this info is Christlike and maybe you can PM him the info.

    Link to original thread on this:
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    Re: Anyone own a OF45150 air compressor?

    Just got the info for them. Refer to the original post.