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JP0610 Jointer - 120 or 240 volt?

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  • JP0610 Jointer - 120 or 240 volt?

    I recently bought the JP0610 Jointer machine from the Depot. It comes prewired for 120 volts but can be wired for 240 volts. According to the manual, if the machine is used on a 110/120 volt circuit it draws approximately 12 amperes, and if used on a 220/240 volt circuit it will draw approximately 6 amperes.

    I have both voltages available. My question is, other than being more efficient in regards to amperage, are there any benefits to configuring the machine for 240 volts or should I stay with the 120 volt setup for convenience.

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    Re: JP0610 Jointer - 120 or 240 volt?

    Unless you are running the machine of a 15a breaker and are having trouble with the breaker tripping when it runs there's really not much advantage to going 240v.


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      Re: JP0610 Jointer - 120 or 240 volt?

      Switching it to 240 can free up capacity on the 120v circuit to run the shop vac needed to suck up all those chips!. No advantage from an electrical standpoint - same kilowatts used and the same voltage actually running through the windings. As Velosapien mentioned, if you are running over 80% of the circuit capacity using 120, (which is also a code violation) it will reduce the heat buildup in the wires, outlets, etc, and possibly prevent a fire.

      Congrats on the new toy (er... I mean Tool!!)

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