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  • Would it work?

    I have been thinking about taking a 1300 planer, taking the cutter head and knives out, have a machine shop turn down a new head that I could put a roll of sand paper on and use as a sander.
    You would have a micro-adjustable sander for less than half price of a factory built unit, say a 18x36 drum sander.

    I'm using a 1300 planer as an example because I could probably get one a lot cheaper and if it didn't work out then at least I could put the original cutter head back on and still use it.

    Good idea or bad?

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    Re: Would it work?

    Sounds to me like it would clog up the paper and leave you with an uneven surface or run the risk or burning the wood.


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      Re: Would it work?

      klingspor makes a "felt" backed sanding paper and if you get, (not sure if klingspor sells) the hook side of the velcro with the sticky, I either got mine from klingspor or wood master
      and then used the "wood masters, method" of the velcro on the drum and the felt backed sander paper on the drum and useing straping tape on the edges for securing it,

      I built a 40" wide drum so it would sand 36" wide, a number of years ago.

      kingspor web site catalog
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