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  • TS3650 Power Drop

    I've owned the TS3650 for about a year and really like the saw. I've used it on a number of projects and had no problem cutting through 4/4 maple and cherry and even thicker oak.

    Lately I noticed that the motor would bog down during cuts and actually come to a stop. I've been able to slow my feed rate down and can usually get through it.

    Today I was ripping a 3/4 pine board down, and the blade continually came to a halt. The only way I could get through the wood was to push it extremely slowly ~2ft/min.

    I just recently changed the blade (after noticing the problem) I also went through the adjustments section in the manual. Both the blade and belt seem properly adjusted.

    Is it possible for a motor to degrade like that.

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    Re: TS3650 Power Drop

    Is the belt tension correct? What kind of blade are you using? Motors don't typcically degrade gradually, but things can go wrong on them...capacitors can go bad, or other appliances can be added to the circuit and starve the saw for juice.


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      Re: TS3650 Power Drop

      If the blade and/or belt are not slipping, I would bet one or both of the pulleys is slipping. The motor should trip the reset or blow the breaker before it completely stops. The other case is you have extreme low voltage, in which case the breaker should pop.
      What is the voltage/amperage of the circuit you have it plugged into? If you are plugged into an extension cord, make sure it is not getting hot (ie lots of resistance) and the plugs and outlet are good. The extension cord should be at least 14AWG (if 25' or less).

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        Re: TS3650 Power Drop

        Thanks for the excellent replies.

        The motor has never tripped the reset or blown the breaker.

        After going back and checking the saw the belt is in fact slipping. I had adjusted it a few months ago when it was slipping. It had been making a loud squealing noise at the time. This time there was no noise so I didn't expect it. I left the vacuum off this time and could hear and see the motor was still running even though the blade had stopped.

        After sliding the motor mount out slightly and tightening the bolts the saw was back to normal and cut through the same piece of pine like it was butter.

        Thanks for the help!