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  • Win!

    I'm not one to gloat..but...
    I started reading this forum a few months ago while researching table saws.
    I was all but talked into the 2400, until I read that it was available on Black
    Friday for $299. I just had a big problem paying $450 when it was so much cheaper a few months ago. So, I was excited to see that a week ago
    or so, the 3560 was now $467. And the posts on here seemed to say
    that $467 was a good deal. Further research led to the possible availability
    of the elusive 3660. My local store didn't didn't have it, so I called the next one down the road.
    They said yes...3660...four in stock..not believing, I headed out.
    After a 30 minute wait for help, the conformation
    was that was the 3560...but the SKU was the same..reason being for the error. No biggy.
    I did spy two of the 3 piece cordless 18v for $169 on the top shelf, but I already have an 18v set...and
    it would only suffice for resale, which I'm not really into. So, tonight, I figure that I will head back over the local HD,
    and get one of the two remaining 3560's, before the price goes back up or they sell out and make room for the 3660..presumably at full retail.
    I wasn't really planning on opening the saw,
    just in case the new ones came in at the same price, or one of those $500 tool deals with gift card offers (read about it on here)
    popped up, I could just take the saw back, or plead my case with another tool purchase.
    Now I was just there Monday night, so I had to rub my eyes a bit to make sure that I was seeing the numbers "3660"
    all the way up on the top shelf...yes@! There it was.
    Price check...$467...
    10% Lowes moving coupon...will honor...
    So, after a little hassle of watching the fiasco of blocking aisles and wresting that beast off of the top shelf
    (why would you store a 300# unit up there anyway?) it was on my cart.
    So, 1 3660 and 1 Ridgid fliptop outfeed, and PA tax...
    $474.11 out the door.
    And no, I didn't register just to brag, I finally got tired of not being able to see all those pictures of router table extensions and outfeed tables!
    Look forward to reading more stuff on your site...

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    Re: Win!

    Originally posted by Mike from Pa View Post
    (why would you store a 300# unit up there anyway?)
    I'm not sure if that or what I saw today is worse. A 3650 box turned up on its end (so the itty bitty 1'x3' side is on the floor) as part of a display of RIDGID tools. It just seems like it is waiting to fall on some unsuspecting bystander after the slightest nudge.