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  • Kudos to Ridgid

    We have a 7+ yr old 16 gal wet/dry vac and we broke one of those front wheels recently. No luck in using the generic $4/pair wheels (shaft too thick) and didnlt have a grinder to grind it down then....

    Ordered a $4/pc wheel from Ridgid parts, add $4+ S&H and tax, tally up at $10 ... gotta fit, eh? Not. Received in package is the same POS as in $4/pair. Same problem, shaft too thick.

    Called them up yesterday intended to rerurn for a full refund. After the CS got the story, she offered to replace it with an assembled base (wheels installed) for guaranteed fit.

    Now, this is good customer service. And her name is Rae
    In the evening I made my usual round in HD and went home with a DP1550. (Wife ain't too happy seeing the 165lb box hauled down from my car... "more toy?")

    Keep up the good work, Ridgid!