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Ryobi Corner Cat Sander VS Bosch 1294VSK

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  • Ryobi Corner Cat Sander VS Bosch 1294VSK

    does any one have any experience with either one of these tools, preferable both?

    both are "corner" or detail sanders,

    yes I am sure the bosh is the better of the two units, or at least it should be for the money difference.

    my purpose is to sand the corners of floors where the edger will not reach, and in general wood working, but floors is the purchase reason.

    at first look I thought the Ryobi, paper was "exclusive" in that you would only have one point to wear off but the paper is made to tear off and you have three points to use per paper, it uses "mouse" paper, the same as the Black and Decker, I may be wrong but when I was in Home Depot I did not see any thing similar in the Ridgid line.

    any one have any idea which is the most aggressive? (if same grit of paper is used).

    thank you in advance,
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    Re: Ryobi Corner Cat Sander VS Bosch 1294VSK

    I do not own the Bosch, but I've had the Corner Cat for about five years now and it is a very useful sander. It actually died once but I revived it through disassembly and compressed air cleaning. It probably could use replacing, and the new model has a sturdier metal base plate.

    I have been considering replacing the Ryobi w/ the Bosch for the smaller size and the finger attachment. I had a Dremel brand detail sander but it is not that great in my experience. I gave it away because the noise it made reminded me of a cheap beard trimmer and it sanded about as well.

    The Ryobi is aggressive enough for a detail sander, though not as aggressive as my 1/4 sheet sanders (I have both a Ridgid and a Bosch).

    The Ryobi has a 1/16" orbit and the Bosch a slightly larger3/32" orbit. One nice thing about the Ryobi is that the sanding sheets are readily available if you do not need higher than 220 grit. W/ the Bosch you must order on line, but you can get as high as 240 for the triangle and 220 for the finger attachment from

    Cost aside, if I had it to do again I'd get the Bosch and order the sanding sheets in bulk from

    For your purpose (edge sanding floors), the Ryobi is a fine choice and much cheaper. Mine has served me extremely well and it was my only sander for a couple of years when I first got back into woodworking. I guarantee you'll get more than your $29 worth out of it. Sooner or later you'll want the Bosch also (just as I do), for more detailed and confined sanding. You'll probably find that owning both would not be redundant, as there are some sanding jobs where the Ryobi is just too tall and/or wide to use.


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      Re: Ryobi Corner Cat Sander VS Bosch 1294VSK

      I also have the Corner Cat (Ryobi). Mine is an older model, purchase in 2002, and does not have the dust holes. I've neve had a problem with mine, though it's been knocked off the bench a couple of times (wood floor). The Ryobi Corner Cat has got to be one of the best "bargains" on the market. Great little sander, I find myself using it often.

      The current model comes with a plastic case, which is really nice (IMO). However, I was in a larger store on Saturday and noticed that they had an even new model... but it comes in a nylon bag! Tomorrow, I think I'm going to visit my local HD and if they still have the model with the plastic case, I'm buying a new one. Like I said, it's a heckuva bargain on a good sander.