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Ryobi 4 pc cordless lithium tool review

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  • Ryobi 4 pc cordless lithium tool review

    Bought one for my dad and here's the skinny.

    This is a great DIY set. The circular saw does not have a brake but cuts well and is well balanced. I don't care for the battery getting attached in the side of the saw, I see dust getting in the battery compartment. It uses 5 1/2" blade so no bevels on 2x4's. The drill doesn't have the hammer feature and has a magnetic pad which would be useful for screws but bad if you drill metal and got shavings on it. The drill does have plenty of torque and I like the rubberized grips. The flashlight is a flashlight, nothing special but it's not as bright as the Dewalt snake lights. The sawzall is bare bones but for the DIY will suffice. The case is useless in my eyes but seems well constructed. The batteries have a feature where you press a button and it will glow a different color according to the battery life left; gimmick, but my Dad was impressed with that. We did have a bad battery and HD took the entire set back-they wouldn't take back just the battery.

    For 300 don't expect to see these on a jobsite but this would make a great addition for a new homeowner or DIY'er.
    Buy cheap, buy twice.

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    Re: Ryobi 4 pc cordless lithium tool review

    No hammer, no need.
    I use my cordless for one of two things - screws for strapping, hangers & clips - drilling for concrete anchors.