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Smaller Blades ok?

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  • Smaller Blades ok?

    I just bought a Rigid 18V 6.5 inch circular saw to replace my weak, whimpy, no-name 5.5 inch saw which was not (uh) cutting it. The Rigid saw works great but here's my question.

    I have several new 5.5 inch blades, including a plywood/paneling blade too good to throw out. Is it possible to use these smaller blades in the 6.5 inch Rigid saw? Is it safe?

    There's nothing at all in the operator's manual about blade sizes other than don't let them touch the guard. That's why I'm here to ask the experts.

    The arbor hole on the 5.5 inch blades is smaller than the 6.5 blades, but it is the size of the motor shaft on the Rigid saw so it looks like the blade will clamp on there fine.

    What do you think?

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    Re: Smaller Blades ok?

    you will lose 1/2'' of cutting depth. the 5'' blade should have a higer rpm rating.

    the real issue is the arbor size. i've drilled out some blades for special purposes. typically diamond blades for grinders.

    a step drill usually will do the job evenly and accuratly.

    phoebe it is