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Ridgid R82007 Is Bosch Ps20?

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  • Ridgid R82007 Is Bosch Ps20?

    Where have I seen this tool before? Oh yea Bosch made a ps20 that seemed to be a complete dive. I was looking at this new 12v drill from ridgid and it uses the same battery packs as the bosch that are advertised as 10.8v. The chargers between the two are excatly the same. Even the case that they come in are the same. Is ridgid now going to give away a free holster or flashlight just like the Bosch?

    Has anybody else looked at this tool and noticed their similarities? Anyone have any information on who's copying who or who even makes this little drill?

    If this is the Bosch ps20 when will Ridgid come out with the ps40 (impactor)?

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    Re: Ridgid R82007 Is Bosch Ps20?

    Haha.. I just did a comparison of the Milwaukee 12v and Bosch 10.8 that is pretty much the same idea.

    It is probably more likely the Ridgid is built off the Milwaukee 12 volt but I am convinced all the batteries are almost identical. The batteries arn't interchangable but it they almost fit. Also I heard Bosch 10.8v will be changing their name to "12 Volt Max" to compete with all the other models. I also heard Makita was coming out with a 10.8v (although they probably changed that to 12v now).
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      Re: Ridgid R82007 Is Bosch Ps20?

      Originally posted by Jay6 View Post
      Also I heard Bosch 10.8v will be changing their name to "12 Volt Max" to compete with all the other models.
      Marketing at work again. Bosch correctly specified the voltage at 10.8v since Lithium ion cells average 3.6v each. Then someone markets their 3 cell battery based on the peak charge voltage which is about 4v and all of a sudden it's a 12v tool and everyone else is forced to follow. In reality they are all 10.8v tools.


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        Re: Ridgid R82007 Is Bosch Ps20?

        Thats really good info about the max voltage and the average voltage. I did not know that. Well I hope tht if they are going to play the copy cat game they copy the ps40 which is the impactor model.

        I had one of those and it was great for little projects, assembling furniture etc. but I got rid of it.


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          Re: Ridgid R82007 Is Bosch Ps20?

          The voltage discussion helped make sense of what I saw the last time I was at HD where the display for the "micro" Ridgid + Milwaukee drill were close enough for me to compare the size, weight and overall shape of the tools. I removed the batteries and noticed they were of similar design and almost fit each others handle. We are probably going to see more homogenization of the various brands of tools especially as a result of global economic forces and consolidation of manufacturers. Hopefully the brand names we depend on will maintain high standards for durability and design. I guess its safe to say the Li-ion technology is the same for the three major "micro" brands and only Bosch has the impactor for now. I also expect to see the voltage wars start again as the manufacturers take advantage of their light weight Li-ion batteries....
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            Re: Ridgid R82007 Is Bosch Ps20?

            Is the new Ridgid R82007 the same tool as the Bosch PS20... is that what you're asking? Without the Bosch in hand, I can't speak expertly, but they they sure look different to me.

            Yes, they're both small, have motors, clutches, and handles that house the battery but that pretty much covers the similarities. While the batteries may also be comparable, I assure you that on my R82007, the battery output is 12 volts.... 12.51 to be exact.

            Bosch also describes their little Ps20 as being:

            Ultra-Compact Power & Design — Almost half the size of a 12V compact drill/driver

            From what I could see in my local HD, the Bosch is slightly smaller. The overall design of the housing is totally different, with the Bosch appearing to have a two-piece clam-shell design, while the Ridgid utilizes a similar housing, but with the motor/clutch assembly mounted via front and rear caps utilizing four thru bolts to hold that assembly in position. The Bosch has a 10-position clutch with a snap sleeve hex bit collar and the Ridgid an 18-position clutch with a 3/8-inch, 3-jaw drill bit chuck. In addition, the Bosch is rated at 80-inch lbs, 0 to 400 rpm; the Ridgid rating is 120 in lbs, 0 to 575 rpm.

            Unfortunately I can't compare the battery charger as the Bosch wasn't on display.

            So, it might just be me, but I consider that too many differences to make the assumption that they are the same. The "same as" to me, would be if they were different colors of the same assembly with only minor cosmetic differences. From my experience, these do not appear to be from the same manufacturer and as previously described the Ridgid voltage is actually 12 volts and not 10. But perhaps if fully discharged, the voltage may read differently.



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              Re: Ridgid R82007 Is Bosch Ps20?

              Please keep this in mind.

              Ridgid hand held power tools are made by TTI. Bosch and TTI both really really hate each other. While the tools may look similar, there's just no way they would be the same inside. Try to find a way to put them both side by side and really look them over. You'll see differences.


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                Re: Ridgid R82007 Is Bosch Ps20?

                Thanks CWS my hd did not have the Ridgid so I just just going off of pictures. Well hopefully ridgid decides to make an impactor just like the bosch ps40.

                anybody heard if there will be an impactor model?