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TS2400LS review questionable?

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    Re: TS2400LS review questionable?

    ROM57, no apologies from me! You didn't even read reviews of the 2400, you read them of the Bosch saw. Did you buy your Bosch? If so go to thier forums and bother them.
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      Re: TS2400LS review questionable?

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        Re: TS2400LS review questionable?

        I just checked the review......."Several months later I needed a table saw, so I gave in and picked up the 4000-09... I'm so glad I did. We use a Rigid TS2400LS on site... a saw that my boss paid nearly as much as I did for the Bosch. The Rigid has plastic gears that raise and lower the blade, a terrible dust collection system, and a 15-amp motor that runs more like a 10-amp."
        Our experiance with the 2400.........
        We have the 2400 which we purchased a few months ago to join a Dewalt portable jobsite saw we have used for years. We don't have alot of experiance with the 2400 yet, but will offer the following obsevations.
        1-plastic gears?...I just gave them a quick look and yes they are plastic or nylon. The construction of that assembly leads me to believe the choice of plastic gears might be as a "fail point" in that jack screw driven motor and blade lifting assembly. The design might be for the easily changable gear to be replaced in case of a jam in the lifting assembly. I say this as all the other components including the substantial jackscrews are metal
        2-terrible dust collection?....We tried ours in the shop hooked to the central dust collection vac and I remember it as being adaquate. It's important to note there is a removable panel that one takes off when using the saw outside on the jobsite. Maybe they brought the saw back into the shop and tried to use it without installing the panel. That would be very messy indeed.
        3-15 amp motor runs like a 10 amp?......We had a little trouble getting accustomed to the "soft start" feature that was designed to bring the 15 amp motor up to speed without tripping circuit breakers on the typical low amp lines one finds at a residential jobsite. Being accustomed to our Dewalt we would walk up to the 2400, turn it on and start running wood through it. Many times it would bog. We quickly learned to be patient and let it come fully to speed before beginning the first cut.
        In conclusion I find our experiance to be in complete disagreement with the above reviewers.
        Our limited jobsite experiance has found the Ridgid 2400 TS to be a well designed, well built, capable jobsite tool. PS-The folding stand is a nice design. I can pull the saw out of my truck and roll it away and load it without any assistance.....Ray
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