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New Milwaukee "Big Hawg" Hole Cutters

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  • New Milwaukee "Big Hawg" Hole Cutters

    March 17, 2008

    Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. announces the introduction of "Big Hawg" hole cutters. These are not hole saws but could be used in place of them.

    More info here:

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    Re: New Milwaukee "Big Hawg" Hole Cutters

    Looks like "Red's" version of the Lennox 1 tooth holesaw, I have had mixed results with the lennox 1 tooth, will try the big hawg at some point Im sure.



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      Re: New Milwaukee "Big Hawg" Hole Cutters

      Geezz those look aggressive for a hole saw.That deep gullet and the wide teeth in many things I bet they cut fast.With so few teeth and that gullet it could be a knuckle buster.Even so i might have to try 1 out.Looks like it'd very to resharpen too.


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        Re: New Milwaukee "Big Hawg" Hole Cutters

        Knowing the number of holes I've drilled as new construction plumber all those years,

        me thinks that's a great idea till you hit a nail and throws you across the room.

        I would say if you're braced off well enough, you'll grab that nail and bend the bit. Probably will be able to hammer it back into place but usually the top where it is threaded into the arbor bends and gives a terrible wobble to the bit from that point on.

        I like the paddle bit idea for the center bit.....just curious though if it encounters a knot, will it slowly walk that bit a little off center or not.

        Anything has to be better than what we used back in the day; dull self-feeders that you had to put brute force against to go through because boss man wouldn't spend money on new bits or sharpen the old ones. He'd always state that there was no point in paying for correct sharpening when the next hole *nail* is going to wipe it out anyway.

        Thanks boss.
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          Re: New Milwaukee "Big Hawg" Hole Cutters

          Here is what I think is a better picture of one with the arbor. I wonder if those are carbide tips. I saw that they have a diamond grit sharpening file. If it was just regular carbon or high speed steel a good quality regular file or small aluminum oxide stone would work.

          3 teeth and what looks like a flat spade bit for the pilot drill. Hmmmm - I don't want to use one of these other than with a well braced big spade handle drill or a HoleHawg.
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            Re: New Milwaukee "Big Hawg" Hole Cutters

            I know the person who came up with the One Tooth hole saw design, he was a plumber that lives in Ohio, He is a whiz at mill work and he tried making many versions of the hole saw, One with 2 teeth, One with 3 teeth but in the end the one tooth worked the best. When you have the 3 teeth bitting at one time you better be able to hold that drill against something or else it will probably get the best of you.
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              Re: New Milwaukee "Big Hawg" Hole Cutters

              Very similar to Lenox One Tooth like Glkearns stated.

              I've been very impressed with the Lenox bit. You do need a heavy duty high speed drill like the Super Hawg. Cuts through 100 year old nail embedded timber like butter. Easy to sharpen. It will cut through 50 nails before needing sharpening but don't use it on plaster or plastic. Core pops right out.


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                Re: New Milwaukee "Big Hawg" Hole Cutters

                I use nothing but holesaws, except on small holes for water lines.
                The advantages are they can eat nails, less messy, no sharpening.

                Tried a one tooth saw about 6 years ago and as soon as I hit a nail the carbon tooth was done.
                Maybe that was a fluke, maybe they've improved, but I think this gets my attention of the Milwaukee site:

                "Three hardened steel teeth provide maximum durability against unintended nail impacts. "

                The word "unintended" seems like the teeth aren't made to cut nails.

                I'll wait and see what first hand reviews have to say.


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                  Re: New Milwaukee "Big Hawg" Hole Cutters

                  Damn, those look aggressively sexy.