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TP1300 Planner problems

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  • TP1300 Planner problems

    Hello folks,

    First time here although I have owned alot of Ridgid plumbing and woodworking tools over the years. I just got a 13" thickness planner given to me from a relative. Looks brand new and they thought I would use it more then anyone else would. I did run some boards threw it and found the blades to be chipped so I replaced them with the new ones that came with the machine. Was actually a easy operation and went pretty fast.

    I got a pecie of pine, 8" x 30" x 3/4" and ran it threw the planner. Blades sure did cut nice but now I can't get the board to feed all the way threw. Its starts and then just sit there. Like the rollers aren't pulling it threw.

    Any advice on what I might have done to cause this or I am not doing correctly. I checked the blades and they seem to be in right. Could it be table alignment, roller problems or something I am just overlooking? Would appreciate aany suggestion or help with this, projects backing up on me.

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    Re: TP1300 Planner problems

    Sounds like a classic case of your rollers needing a cleaning. A Search using roller cleaning as the subject should turn up a number of thread on this subject. Here is one example.
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      Re: TP1300 Planner problems

      Thanks Dave for the suggestion. I got it figured out and it was a case of not paying close attention. I put one of the blades in wrong. I think I did it when I decided to pull it back out and give it a little more cleaning and a light coat of oil. I looked at then pretty close after installing them and was sure it was in the right way. Went back out, pulled them again and sure enough, I put one in wrong.

      Got it running now and I am even more surprised at the smoothness this machine cut, not to mention the quality. Thing sure is making chips now.

      Thanks again.