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  • 3660/3650 Assembly: Herc-U-Lift Play in Corner Bolts

    Asked this on woodnet, but thought I'd get 3650/60 more users here.

    Putting together my new 3660 today after reading the instructions 2x, printing the online instructions and reading the assembly sticky in tips forums. Base went together easy, attached to saw body and put saw upright without wings easily by myself. Assembled and installed the Herc-U-Lift after it was upright, and then leveled the saw.

    The Herc-U-Lift seems like an elegant design, and other than the awkwardness involved in tightening all the screws that I left loose putting the upper and lower lift parts together it works like a charm, but I'm wondering if I'm supposed to have as much play in the bolts that connect the ends of the Herc-U-Lift levers into the saw legs. I can move them about 1/8 to 1/4 inch up and down.

    Doesn't seem to hurt anything, I leveled the saw and can move up and down with Herc-U-Lift easily, but I've left a huge amount of play in each of the corner bolts. Seems 'wrong' somehow to be able to move a bolt around like that once something is assembled.

    Is this a problem? Or is this how it's supposed to work?

    Going to put on wings & rails later tonight, and finish off Sunday. Will probably have more questions...

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    Re: 3660/3650 Assembly: Herc-U-Lift Play in Corner Bolts

    This is supposed to be this way to allow for travel up and down. It does seem strange at first, but that is the way it it supposed to be. If it were tight, then the Herc-Lift wouldn't work properly.


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      Re: 3660/3650 Assembly: Herc-U-Lift Play in Corner Bolts

      Thanks. That's about what I figured, but it just plain seemed odd to use a bolt as an angle pivot... even though that is pretty clearly how the lift works.

      Aside from the awkwardness of lying on the floor to tighten up all the locknuts that I left loose while fitting the lift, that part of the assembly wasn't as hard as I thought it would be from reading discussions on this forum.


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        Re: 3660/3650 Assembly: Herc-U-Lift Play in Corner Bolts

        nsaint is right....I didn't have the assembly difficulties you are having with the HercuLift but I do have some play. Been using it two years now without problems (great saw).