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planer blade projection

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  • planer blade projection

    I have a 13" two blade rigid planer. On noting a slight difference in the side to side thickness of boards run thru the planer, (after using the unit for several years) I noticed that one of the blades is projecting out of the cutter head slot further on one side, than on the other. I checked to ensure that it is properly seated, and found that it is inserted as far as it will go on both ends. On both ends, the small "tab" on the end of the blade bottoms out on a metal seat of some sort, that is secured to the end of the cutter head by hex head screws. These are not accessible without removing the cutter head from the unit. I expect this is likely some means of adjusting the depth of the balde insertion into the cutter head slot, but there is nothing in the manual about this.

    Would appreciate any help with this.\