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    My 2600 sander was a bit hard to handle from the very beginning. At first I thought it was due to my lack of experience with qtr. sheet sanders (zero!). But the problem got worse and when I had to start two-handing and man-handling it, I experimented with different woods, different grades of paper, and even the tension on the paper. None of that made any difference. The doggoned thing was running wild like it had a mind of its own. Then I realized that I've had this tool well over a year. I figured "warranty" was out of the question and decided to email Ridgid for advice. I received a fast (same day) repsonse and was told not to sweat the warrant. I was also provided with two local service centers. Took it in to one of them and had my sander back in less than a week. That, my friends, is S E R V I C E ! I'm glad I didn't bother to make my inquiries at HD, though. Man, I love Ridgid Tools!