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confused- 2400 dado insert

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  • confused- 2400 dado insert

    I am relatively new to these forums.
    Have searched and read a few different threads about dado inserts for the 2400 but haven't figure out the whole picture.

    I am interested in buying the 2400 table saw.
    Can you purchase a dado insert for the saw? where do you get it?
    thanks for clarifying

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    Re: confused- 2400 dado insert

    MRMitch, I'm not sure if you mean the throat plate for the 2400 or the dado blade set itself. For the throat plate, you can search here to find out how to make one for the 2400, if you can't purchase one from Peachtree or one of the other sources. Do a search for ZCI + 2400. Here's one of the threads I found:
    It has pics on page 2 of how the guy made his.

    As far as dado blade sets, there's lots of choices. I'm sure someone here can speak to which is a good choice for your saw. I have the 3650 and use a cheapo 8" set I got from Lowe's. It makes flat dados, so I'm happy with it. I'd rather have a set with 4-blade chippers, but right now I can make do with what I have. There may be a max. width limitation on the 2400, but I'm sure someone else will have a better idea what that might be.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.