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2410 vs bosch 4109

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  • 2410 vs bosch 4109

    I'm torn between the two. I've heard good things about both. One review talked about the fence on the bosch not being dead on. Which has a better fence. Most of my work involves resawing and making boxes, so I really need a fence that has perfect alignment.

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    Re: 2410 vs bosch 4109

    I never really compared the two until *after* I had bought my 2400 (2410 is the same but with a different stand). The fence on the 2400 has a better "feel" to it. More substantial, and it stays parallel while you are moving it. Some other saw fences Ive seen can "cock" themselves between the rails (usually they end up parallel once locked down).....the Bosch isnt as bad as the cheap Delta worksite saw I was using, but it wasnt as nice as the Ridgid in this regard.

    I think the biggest selling points of the Bosch vs Ridgid are the riving knife and the gravity rise stand. Honestly I have zero issues with the stand on my 2400, and Ive heard the stand on the 2410 is supposed to be better (havent used one yet so I dont know). The riving knife would be nice to have, after all safety first.....but I think if you actually know how to use the tool, you know how to stay safe around it regardless.