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Feugo Saw base problem

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  • Feugo Saw base problem

    Is there a problem with the depth knob in that the base goes way off parallel to the blade as the tension is released and even when locked the rear pivot is loose and out of parallel by 1/16" or more?
    My Maxselect is dead on, not designed like that base even though it is about the same size, it does not skew as the tension is released. There is no display so I can not compare it.
    Any owner comments? Also it is hard to find a a 40th fine cut carbide blade so I bought the gold 24th Ridgid. Anyone try that on melamine or plywood for a finish cut?
    I am not sure that this is a good saw in build and I do not like the hi rpm's with no brake.

    UPDATE; I found an '07 instead of an '06 date that was OK and I will try to see if HD will PM with Lowes 15% off promo. now. Seems no one wants to comment on a Freugo saw here.
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