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    I am looking for a drill press, and can obtain locally the Jet JDP-17MF ($375), Ridgid DP1550 ($299), Delta 17-950 ($369), and Sears Craftsman 22900 (Orion OR20451). I can get the Sears through tomorrow for $280. All have varying features and attributes, but would like to know what value some of the features truly have in a woodworking environment. I am just entering this hobby.

    Quill LocK- Ridgid and Jet don't have. What I am really losing without this, or gaining with it?

    Ball Bearing Quill Support - Jet has, but not sure the others do.

    Depth Scale and Stop - Maybe I am missing something, but I found the depth rod on the Sears and Jet more to my liking than the quill measurement dial.

    Forward Pivoting Table - Only on the Delta. If I get an aftermarket table or make my own, is the Delta table of any value? It has T-slots and big hole in the middle.

    The Sears has a nice rod type depth measurement and stop, 4" quill travel, and quill stop, and is cheap. But you can't get it (another story), and even if you could, a mandatory $65 delivery charge applies. I had heard Delta quality has taken a turn for the worse...something that bothers me, as I want a quality tool for a long time, even if I have to pay more.


    - Phil