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New TS3650 + Miter Gauge problem

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  • New TS3650 + Miter Gauge problem

    Hi all. Thanks for the great advice you've posted so far. This is a great resource. The best of which is to use the online version of the instruction manual rather than the printed one.
    Got my saw assembled yesterday. Only problems were: put the handwheels on before lifting upright; ended up breaking one . Still working on the correct belt tension. The "Buddy" thread was helpful.
    Have one problem I haven't seen addressed here that I'm hoping you guys can help with:
    The lock knob on the miter gauge won't screw all the way down & won't lock. I took it out and looked in the hole & can't really see much. Other than the washer are there any other parts I may be missing?
    I see a small set screw on the bottom of the flat side. Could that need adjusted? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: New TS3650 + Miter Gauge problem

    Arrgh. Nevermind. Figured out that you need to put the lock knob in the arc-shaped slot below. Geez it's been a while since I took shop!