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  • TS3660 New Owner

    Just got back from Home Depot with a TS3660 in the back of the van. I am excited! I don't think I ever wanted to part with $467 (+ tax) so willingly. A bargain in my book.

    I have to give a big thanks to this forum and all those who answered my earlier simple questions (I am a 100% novice), leading up to this purchase, which I feel very comfortable with.

    My wife is already lining up projects for me to do, and am looking forward to putting the TS3660 to work. I just have to remind her I am not a experienced furniture maker (yet).

    Next step is to peruse the forums on assembly tips, tuning, and tools necessary to properly set up the saw. Sounds like a dial indicator is a wise investment, so will get that too. Not sure I need a blade, since first work is simple things like a planter box, and other outside things not needing a super fine cut. Stock blade OK for this?

    Now to get the 300 lb. single box out of my car!

    Thanks all.

    - Phil

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    Re: TS3660 New Owner

    You'll probably want to start shopping just about anyone on here can tell you, the stock blade provided leaves a lot to be desired. Took me awhile to discover that eccentric cuts were due to the blade so I scrapped a lot of material. As far as the unloading goes, open the carton and remove the components one at a time. Much easier than wrestling a 300lb container


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      Re: TS3660 New Owner

      Nothing wrong with a dial indicator but you really don't need one to dial in your saw. There are several simple and very accurate methods of doing that.
      Click image for larger version

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      Better to spend your money on a good blade IMO. You won't need a good blade to make a planter box, but you'll definitely want one sooner than later. The alignment and blade choice dictate the final performance of your saw. A good blade helps ensure that you get your money's worth from the saw. There are lots of good choices from Forrest, Ridge Carbide, Infinity, CMT, Freud Industrial, and Amana, among others. The current "hot deals" include a 9" Forrest WWII 30 tooth thin kerf blade from Amazon for ~ $41 shipped. has great prices on the Amana A.G.E. line...Item #: MD10-240TB 24T TK ripper for $24 shipped, Item #: MD10-504TB 50T TK combo blade for $31.50 shipped. (I haven't tried the Amana but they have a solid reputation and these prices are very low)


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        Re: TS3660 New Owner


        Congrats on your saw. Have lots of fun turning perfectly good wood into Sawdust! I didn't get a new blade yet, but did get a ZCI, which has made lots of things safer and come out cleaner.


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          Re: TS3660 New Owner

          I would recommend getting a book on TS use and safety if you are new to woodworking. I believe there's a thread on that somewhere on this forum.


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            Re: TS3660 New Owner

            well come to the club



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              Re: TS3660 New Owner

              I recommend Bosch blades. Worth their weight in gold, IMO. Use them for everything I can. I'm waiting for them to come out with a 6 1/2" circular saw blade so I can use it on my MaxSelect 18/24 volt circular saw. But I have used and do use them for just about every other tool out there. Wonderful blades. I also concur with the Freud recommendation earlier - excellent quality as well.