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Help with Ridgid R8411503B Drill

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  • Help with Ridgid R8411503B Drill

    Hey all! I have a question concerning my drill and warranty issues
    First off i do have my combo kit registered for the lifetime service agreement
    second when i sent my drill in to be looked at i was not registered with the llsa and also the company that i sent it too was still in the process of getting their ridgid stuff setup since they barely started doing repair work for them.
    they sent it back and said the gears were stripped and they said Ridgid would not warranty it since it was mistreated but i told them that the drill was running fine and first thing in the morning i put in a fresh battery and it barely made a turn and stopped so i thought the battery was dead so i charged it an the charger said the battery was no good so i put my other battery in and the same thing happened.
    Would i be better off to send the drill to somebody that has more experience working with ridgid tools or am i just screwed ?

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    Re: Help with Ridgid R8411503B Drill

    If your particular tool was part of the mentioned "combo" and you have it registered, you should have your LLSA registration number. With that, you should send, or if possible take, it to an officially authorized service center for service. It sounds like the original group you took it too either weren't in the loop or just over their heads.

    Regarding "stripped gears", how does one do that? And if they were stripped, how does the service center or other Ridgid authority determine it was the users fault (same question... How would you or I go about stripping the gears?).

    Seems to me the gears were either defective (since I don't know how I'd strip them) or somehow the assembly was causing them to not mesh correctly. I can't imagine that overpowering or forcing the drill in some manner would cause the gear to strip. I can see where I'd burn out the motor, or the battery, or some internal wiring but I just don't see where properly machined and tempered gears would fail as a result of any action by the user, short of disassembly and beating on them with a hammer.

    My opinion, for what it's worth,

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