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    Re: New MSUV.....

    Originally posted by subbu View Post
    Yup, it gets "stuck" 1/2 way and then you have to apply some pressure for it to go fully down. I haven't figured it out....but doesn't bother me much
    I got the MSUV to open and close a few more times and things got better when I put more pressure on it. Next with the miter saw adding some weight it required less pressure from me to close it. I am using a small quick-grip bar clamp to lock the folding leg into position against the frame for increased rigidity.
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      Re: New MSUV.....

      I just put mine together that I bought last weekend. I had a little trouble with the handle also because of the bolt holes not lining up. I have my old cast 10" dewalt mounted to a piece of 3/4" plywood and then bolted to the stand.

      It is my first stand and I'm really happy with it. I think as far as things not lining up it is just the mass producing of things in china without quality control. I can live with that.



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        Re: New MSUV.....

        Originally posted by gtbuzz View Post
        anybody else run into this problem? the date code on mine was 0748 and it is the newer ac9944.
        To revive a dead thread, I just bought an ac9444 at HD and had to return the first one as it was damage in the box.

        The second on had the same deburred problem gtbuzz experienced.

        My biggest concern though was the quality of the welds. I noticed them because wherever bolts pass through the body, there is a thick washer welded on and tapped to accept the bolt. I tightened one by hand and the washed snapped off with little to no pressure applied. It can easily be seen that the washer was tacked twice on the same side causing it to lift as soon as it was tightened and break.

        I started looking more closely at the welds after that and was amazed at the poor quality of workmanship on this cart. It's definately going back.

        I'll check my date code later and post.


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          Re: New MSUV.....

          Originally posted by l_bilyk View Post
          Well it's got wheels, so it's not too bad. I have a bosch 12" SCMS on the older MS-UV. It works, but the MS-UV is obviously poor quality. The new one is much better. I would gladly trade up.
          I am just the opposite, I prefer the old model MSUV to the new one. I have mine with a DW-708 12" SCMS on it and have no trouble moving the combination around. I have not had to lift it in/out of my pickup, but I don't think it would be a problem. Closed up with the saw rotated to 45 deg it fits easily through doorways and up/down stairs.

          My main reason for preferring the old over the new model is there is more solid table space on the old MSUV.
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            Re: New MSUV.....

            I don't know about the newer ones, but I have the older model and I've been very satisfied with it.

            I even had some other contractor show up drunk, pick it up and throw it, and it's still in good shape. I did have to straighten a couple of things, but it works great.

            It is a little heavy, but not unexpectedly so. BTW, I have a 12" Makita CMS on it.


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              Re: New MSUV.....

              Hey guys,

              I too bought an MS-UV (9944) the other day and also experienced a few of the items mentioned here (specifically the quality - or lack there of). When I opened the box and unwrapped the main piece there was a bunch of slag (or similar) that fell out of the packaging. Not sure if these units are going through a final clean/dip before packaging....

              Other items of slight concern were that a few of the pieces looked to have mild rust/discoloration on them (not really in a conspicuous or high stress area); drilled holes needing to be deburred, etc. Just seemed like a forced/sped through product.

              Mine is sporting my Ridgid 12" SCMS and I have not yet had the opportunity to play... er... use it yet.

              Question on transporting - when loading in my truck should I remove the saw from the platform or leave it all together (strapped-in obviously)?

              Thanks all-


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                Re: New MSUV.....

                I leave mine attached all the time.