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New 3 Ah lithium battery warranty

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  • New 3 Ah lithium battery warranty

    I love Ridgid tools and think the Lifetime service is great. But when I went to Home Depot today to pickup a new 3 Ah lithium battery I noticed that it only had a 3 year warranty...... That made me think twice and I put it back, I would not have second guessed the purchase if I had not noticed there was no lifetime service on this battery. Why did Ridgid do this???? If I was to register the battery would it get lifetime service anyway ?????

    Thanks for the input

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    Re: New 3 Ah lithium battery warranty

    No, Ridgid only does the LLSA on batteries that are bought as part of a kit. Solo batteries are not eligible for the LLSA, although I too think it would be nice, and a simple extension of their tool coverage.