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    After much thinking I just purchased the ridgid 12" scms with the stand (got for 99). I decided against the others because of many faults and narrowed my decision to the dewalt or the ridgid. I am having some remorse on several accounts. One I am envious of the dewalt back fence is ridgid listening here is a suggestion--make an attachment that goes on the lower fence like the removable upper fence but shaped like a right angle effectively creating the same feature. But my real beef is when the saw is beveled and mitered to the right you scrape the lower fence with the drive housing. Also the tee handle should be smaller so it does not touch the material. One other nit pick I am jealous of dewalts 6.5 cutting height against the fence. But the wife told me this does not add up to $125 worth. All this aside it worked beautifully and there is very little deflection.
    I have 2 more suggestions for ridgid. They could make multiple holes ie locations for the fence--could have a further back positon for more capacity I know it would cut into miter capacity but so what just switch it back to original position. Second suggestion is that because of the design of the saws table -no nifty attachment wings or crown stops can be added- here is the solution make all the attachments to the ridgid bars that snap the saw to the stand --these could be just simple work supports or crown stop or even have solid continuous work support. Also the stand should have another bolt on the legs to stop wobble along with wheel locks.
    All this aside the saw cuts wood like butter and the stand sets up easily.

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    Re: 12" scms

    With all those negatives you listed with the Ridgid why did you choose it over the DeWalt? I'm not being critical, I'm just curious.
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      Re: 12" scms

      Small negatives -- handle too big and drive shaft cover rubs fence at right bevel and miter. Others are just some good features that dewalt has. Ridgid has some positives the dewalt doesn't have --60 miter in both directions and the slide mechanism of the dewalt is too fast and not smooth. Everything else are just suggestions--movable fence and acces's for the saw and stand. like I said the most important thing is the cut which is good.