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R4330 Thickness planer problems

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  • R4330 Thickness planer problems

    due to a small amount of vibration my depth adjustment handwheel creeps forward allowing the cutter head to lower itself. How do I tighten this up, so it wont creep. The owners manual contains no info on this problem.
    any help would be great.

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    Re: R4330 Thickness planer problems

    I am also finding that when the planer is under a little stress, the height adjustment handle creeps up. I took it to an authorized repair center and they said everything is fine. I am thinking of selling my Ridgid and going with a Dewalt mainly because the Ridgid seems to lack power, plus the creeping height adjustment.


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      Does anyone have an answer to this old thread? My height adjustment knob creeps up under the smallest amount of vibration. I've tightened everything I could, but nothing seems to help. Thanks.


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        do not know any thing about the planer, as I do not have one,

        but is there any way of putting a bungee cord (rubber strap) either on the handle (even if one has to drill a few holes so it would align better, in stead just around the handle, (think they have a extended handle), the other idea would be to make a brake or a bracket with a pin in to lock the handle,

        personal I have used the bungee cord, on various things over the years, but if it was constant I would make some kind of brake (possibly spring loaded, that would rub on the handle rim), or if there is room, a wood piece that could clamp on to the handle shaft, that could be tighten down, when needed), drill a hole just slightly smaller than the shaft, and then split it so it can clamp on to the shaft, some where with a thumb screw to tighten it up,

        I know this is a back door fix, but some times one has to do what one has to do, to make some thing work, (apparently there is a factory design flaw,)
        the nice thing would be to have some location, that one could drill and tap a hole on the shaft and put a nylon insert with a set screw to adjust the tension, or a built in lock or brake,

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          I've owned that model for about 6 months.
          It has a carriage lock feature that, if used,
          should solve the problem. Making passes
          of 1/16 inch our less will reduce vibration
          and produce a finer finish. Check the manual.


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            Thanks for the ideas BHD, I like the set screw idea

            Jim, I checked the manual and online, but nothing there. I am engaging the lock, but doesn't seem to help. The handle spins even at 1/32 cut. I feel that the carriage lock is the answer but there doesn't seem to be a way to adjust it.