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extending the rip capacity of the TS3650

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  • extending the rip capacity of the TS3650

    Hello, Newbie here! I think I am about to take the plunge on the TS3660. I have read so much good about this saw, and think it would be a great upgrade from my Ryobi BT3100. In looking at the saw and the fence rail design, it looks like the rails could be mounted in such a way as to increase the ripping capacity to 48 inches. Obviously I would need to add a new measuring tape and would loose the left ripping capacity. But, I never use the fence on the left side of the blade. Will this work? Has anyone tried it? Would I need to make support legs for the rails if they were just shifted over 10 or 12 inches? Thanks!

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    Re: extending the rip capacity of the TS3650

    I haven't done it, but it's been discussed loosely before. The rails easily accomodate such a desired change. You just use the stock mounting bolt holes and slide the rails further out.

    While you're at it, if you truly don't use the left side of the blade, move the left extension wing and mount it on the right as a second extension. You would definitely want to add some support structure for that.

    That way you don't just have open space for the 48" between blade and fence. You'd have about 2/3 of that with the cast iron table. Also, with that wing added to the right, you wouldn't need anything else for the rail support.

    Heck, put the stock wing on the right, AND add a left side router table extension. ;-) That'd give you roughly... hrrm.. 70" of working space.