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Bostitch CPACK1850BN Compr.+Nailer - Quality?

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  • Bostitch CPACK1850BN Compr.+Nailer - Quality?

    HDs here in Alberta are have this compressor and 2" Brad nailer kit for $199. It's one of thsoe "Special Buys". I don't know alot about compressors and such, but I'm wondering if this is:

    a) a good deal
    b) a quality compressor + nailer

    I can't find ANY information on this kit online, the only reference I see is here:

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    Re: Bostitch CPACK1850BN Compr.+Nailer - Quality?

    My opinion is that Bostitch makes good nailers. I own 2 of their products - a framing nailer and a lathing stapler. Both have performed flawlessly and no jams in over a year of usage on either one of them. I bought the framing nailer at a close-out price that I couldn't match anywhere else and no one else made the lathing stapler so, Bostitch it was. It turned out to be good choices for me and they have a lengthy warranty on their products - I believe 5 years - maybe not a lifetime, but lengthy enough to instill confidence in the purchase. I use the nailer and stapler often enough to qualify for heavy use. Quality items.