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  • WTS2000L Tile Stone Wet Saw

    I just built a cement block wall and am preparing to do a cement paver walk. I used a 10" masonary blade to cut the blocks for the wall. It was painfully slow. Would the Diamond blade cut any faster??

    The last piece I cut was a 12" by 3" thick cap. It took 15 minutes to cut it. I have lots to cut for my walkway. At that rate I will still be working on it next summer.

    How do you know when a masonary blade needs to be replaced????

    Maybe I used the blade to long or I MUST BE DOING SOMETHING WRONG!!!

    I'll admitt I am new to the world of cutting cement and realize it is not as fast as cutting wood but from what I am seing on "How To" videos and adds on TV it looks like all the cement saws cut faster then mine did.

    Thanks for any help!!!


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    Re: WTS2000L Tile Stone Wet Saw

    mal, i assume the masonry blade you were using was an abrasive silicon carbide blade. approx. $5.00?

    those blades are very slow and put a big load on the saw and dust in the air.

    a diamond blade with water cooling will cut very fast on the proper saw.

    the saw will cut straight and there will not be a dust storm. only a slurry trail.

    make sure to purchase the proper diamond blade for the type of material you're going to cut. a good cutting 10'' blade is approx. $100. but will last much longer than those abrasive blades.

    phoebe it is