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Porter Cable compressor/nailer kits?

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  • Porter Cable compressor/nailer kits?

    Considering buying a compressor and tools - it'll be my first foray into air tools so looking for a bit of advice.

    I've been looking at the porter cable kits (like the CFNBNS (compressor, finish nailer, brad nailer and stapler). Seems to be a good price for what you get.

    From reading it seems the PC nailers are pretty good but the pankcake compressor may be the weak link (although it seems to have better SCFM spec than say the 2.5 gallon aluminum ridgid that was available for the steal of $49 a few months ago).

    Plan is modest stuff around the house, base trim, book shelves, built in shelving etc.
    I'll be laying some wood flooring myself too - I'd rent the appropriate nailer but would the pancake do the job?
    I do not expect to do any framing ever - I'll pay you pros to do that.

    Wondering if something like this is a good place to start or should I piece a set together as and when I have a need for tools i.e. start with just compressor and brad nailer.
    I guess piecing together would allow for an angled finish nailer which might be an advantage over the one in the kit but presumably I'd end up spending a bunch more money.

    Any advice?

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    Re: Porter Cable compressor/nailer kits?

    Last year I bought the kit that includes the brad nailer. The nailer works great. I've never had it jamb up. The compressor is more than adequate. The only thing I don't like much is the hose - it's too stiff for my liking - a more flexible one is on my 'to get' list. It's just a minor irritation thus my reason for not having replaced it yet.


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      Re: Porter Cable compressor/nailer kits?

      I have several PC nail guns and they work very well.
      I also have the PC 6 gal pancake compressor. My only complaint about it is the noise level.


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        Re: Porter Cable compressor/nailer kits?

        I've had my PC for about 5 years. Bought the kit also and have never looked back.

        I have never used a nail gun with it but wouldn't be afraid to.

        Just remember to always drain your tank after use and to use lube oil in your guns before each use.



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          Re: Porter Cable compressor/nailer kits?

          The PC combo is a good deal. If you need the three nailers it comes with they will actually cost you more buying all three seperately and that doesn't even include the compressor, hose, and some nails. Basically the compressor and hose are free in the combo kit. Just make sure the brad nailer and stapler will be ok. It comes with the model that only shoots up to 1 1/4" brad nails and up to 1" staples. If you need the guns that can shoot up to 2" brads and 1 1/2" staples you would still need to buy those seperately. The compressor itself is pretty good and quite light and portable. The main drawback is really the noise. It's really loud even outdoors.


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            Re: Porter Cable compressor/nailer kits?

            i too was looking at this compressor. I decided against it and bought a small trim compressor from dewalt - which i absolutely love. It is very quiet and has lots of air for my needs (i consistenly run brad and finish nailers of it as well as inflate my car tires, etc).

            It only has a small tank (1 gal i believe) but it is more than enough for nailers and such. I love the size (very small and light) for trim work and i love the dashboard style set up. It is available in a kit i think, but i have a couple of ridgdi nailers which i am really happy with.

            here is a link - i paid like 179.00 cdn for it a year ago at HD.



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              Re: Porter Cable compressor/nailer kits?

              I did not have any luck with the PC Pancake nailer. The motor kicked the bucket to early. I purchased a 2.5 Gallon Aluminum unit which is way quieter than the PC.
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                Re: Porter Cable compressor/nailer kits?

                I just saw the Dewalt 1 gallon compressor with 16 ga and 18 ga nail guns at Lowes for $179. The 18 ga gun only goes up to 1.25" long. I bought the compressor alone awhile back ($114 from Amazon). It's light and it's quiet -- works well.


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                  Re: Porter Cable compressor/nailer kits?

                  If all you are doing is the modest stuff around the house that you are talking about, have you considered a cordless nailer. There are several on the market, I have personaly not used one but I have many trades guys using them on my sites with increasing regularity. I will check with a couple of them and get the pors and cons. Anyone else have any experiance with cordless pinners
                  I checked with one of our kitchen installers and he is absolutly in love. H said that he would not go back. From my perspective most of his zeal was because he did not have to lug the compressor and hoses around. In a well set up shop the compressor and hoses are not an issue. On the other hand if you don't have to buy the compressor maybe you can spend it on another tool!!!! Check it out. I will keep checking as I am getting the itch to try one know.

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