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I don't feel the excitement,

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  • I don't feel the excitement,

    Of getting a new cordless combo kit. I am in need of a new kit but nothing out there has me excited. What kit stands leaps and bounds above them all? Seems every maker is having issues/problems/limitations.

    We need a old fashioned tool revival. I'll bring the chicken!

    Seems like every maker has strengths and weaknesses. I have debated buying individual tools from makers based on performance. Who wants a substandard tool in their kit, when you know manufacture xxx has one you like and performs better?

    Here is my ideal kit

    Snake light that Dewalt makes- I love it
    Makita Circular saw
    Milwaukee Drill
    Two Chargers
    Four Batteries
    Digital tuned radio with a charger that doesn't cause interference
    Milwaukee Saws All
    Hard Case
    28 volt that can deal with cold weather
    A warranty that doesn't suck
    Made and assembled in the USA

    What is your ideal kit?
    Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.

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    Re: I don't feel the excitement,

    My ideal kit:

    Radio (CD player)
    A bunch of Patsy Cline CD's
    A case of Bud
    Rocking chair