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Miter gauge for the TS2400LS

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  • Miter gauge for the TS2400LS

    I'm wanting a miter gauge for my TS2400LS and would like to get either the Incra 1000SE or the Osborne EB3. Is one of these gauges better suited to this saw because of the smaller table size? Thanks, Mike

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    Re: Miter gauge for the TS2400LS

    I had the 2400LS and now have the TS3660 and use the JESS-EMM Mite-R-Excel and it works fine with either saw..I had the Incra miter gauge and it was very lightweight it was accurate but lightweight compared to the Mite-R-Excel.. This Jess-Emm product is super rugged and extremely accurate and is precision made in Canada..I have the Rockler version it is the same as the red Jess-Emms..Jess-Emm makes the same exact model in blue for Rockler...Also Amazon sells the Jess Emm in red for 196.00