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  • TS 3650 Arbor

    I've noticed (not sure how it happened) a thread about the middle of the arbor is crossed threaded. Now it seems I will need to purchase and install a new arbor.While I've used the search function here I have not seen any reference to how to replace the arbor. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Ciao, DKT

    PS All this of started to happen while installing stacked dadoes.

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    Re: TS 3650 Arbor

    Arbor replacement should be covered by the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement. Just take the saw to an authorized service center and have them install a new one for free. The hassle factor between bringing it in to a service center and changing it out yourself is probably a wash.
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      Re: TS 3650 Arbor

      Thanks, BD. Much appreciated. I understand a local "electric" shop provides the warranty for Ridgid. I'll ask them to order the abor and try to do it myself. Should be interesting. Ciao, DKT