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Pressure washer injection ratio

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  • Pressure washer injection ratio

    Does anyone know where I can find the injection ratio for the 3000psi pressure washer for the hose attachment and the soap container? The industry standard is 15:1 I am told but can't find it anywhere in my new literature.

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    Re: Pressure washer injection ratio

    Measure it. Can be 10:1. There are adjustable types too. Get a bucket, drop soap line in it, that is a known amount of H2O run the PW to empty or to a known amount into another bucket and now measure total volume. ie. if you have 1 gal of removed and have 11 gal total then it is 10:1.
    Only the soap large orfice nozzzle will activate the feed. or no nozzle which I use to clean the system when I am done with a bucket of clean H2O.