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  • Anyone own a Ryobi scroll saw?

    I went into HD today to look at scroll saws and they had a huge selection of one to choose from...the Ryobi SC164VS. Anyone here own one of these and what are your thoughts?

    Compared to the Dremel and Craftsman I looked at the Ryobi looked light weight. Is vibration going to be an issue with this saw? I don't want to spend much as I probably won't use it a whole lot, but I also don't want a tool that going to sit there and not get used because it can't make simple smooth cuts. I'm looking for an inexpensive saw, not a cheap saw if you know what I mean.

    Any feedback most appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Anyone own a Ryobi scroll saw?

    I have the Ryobi 18-inch, SC180VS which I bought on close-out in Dec, 2003. It's a fairly decent scroll saw, but certainly not on the level as the much more expensive units like a Helger. Personally I feel it's a pretty decent unit, but I think Home Depot dropped it as it was too much competition for the Dremel which was priced almost a $100 higher. The SC180VS is currently being sold wearing the Craftsman brand. It's priced at $199, catalog # 0921609.

    The smaller 16-inch Ryobi has less features, but my understanding is that it's still a pretty decent tool for the price. The only negative that I've read is that the blade clamps can be a bit touchy and may be stripped if you overtighten the clamp screws. This was some time ago, so I don't know it the problem has been remedied or if it was just something that happened due to some heavy-handedness by the user.

    You might want to just give it a try, with the idea that you can return it if there's something you don't like. For the occasional user, it might just be fine. Ryobi does have a 30-day, Satisfaction Guarantee... so if you bring it home and it doesn't live up to your expectation, just pack it back up and return it.

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: Anyone own a Ryobi scroll saw?

      Thanks for the information CW. I just might give it a try as you suggest.

      Another question to you or anyone else. Are there blades available that allow you to cut any direction without having to turn the work piece? I took a peek at what was stocked but didn't see anything. Does such a blade exist and what would it be called?

      Thanks again


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        Re: Anyone own a Ryobi scroll saw?


        I believe they are called "spiral" blades. I've never used them. I'm not much of a scroll saw user at this point in time, having only played around a bit when time allowed. Hopefully the future will be better and I'll have more time for such things.

        Here's a great website and source for blades of all types. Fantastic prices when compared to what you will pay locally too. Check out I'm sure you will be delighted with the quality, price, and service.